Other Recordings Available:

CD: Generations

GenerationsReleased: 2009

Recorded at Walsh's Hill Studio in St. John's (owned and operated by Greg Walsh), this album began with the idea to preserve and present traditional instrumental dance music from the Bay de Verde area. Traditional vocal selections and contemporary/original tracks were added later - resulting in a special collection of songs and tunes passed down through four generations performed together by Ray and Greg - father and son.

CD: The Music In Our Lives

The Music In Our LivesReleased: 1997

The band's second recording, entitled the Music In Our Lives, was released in 1997 and was in many ways, a result of the song selection involved in the first recording a year earlier. Also recorded at Piper Stock Productions in Torbay, this recording was produced by Ray Walsh and featured the band's home community of Bay de Verde prominently on the CD cover.

CD: Work Upon the Water

Work Upon The WaterReleased: 1999

Work Upon The Water was the band's third recording and included traditional songs from the Bay de Verde area, learned from older family members of the band's family, as well as two original compositions from Greg. This recording was produced by Ray and Greg Walsh and was recorded at Dadyeen Studios, St. John's, NL.